Hultafors Group management.


Ole Kristian Jødahl

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Ole has been the CEO of Hultafors Group since January 2017.

Before joining Hultafors Group, Ole worked for SKF for 17 years. The first 7 years were spent in Business Controlling and after that, he worked in various operational roles.


Peter Edwinson

Chief Financial Officer, CFO

As the CFO, Peter is responsible for managing the Group´s finances, business controlling, financial reporting, financial planning and management of financial risks.

Peter has worked as CFO for Hultafors Group since 2004. Before that, he worked at PwC as an Authorized Public Accountant, and he also has a background as a consultant within corporate finance.


Jens Eriksson


Jens is responsible for driving Hultafors Group’s overall M&A Agenda, the Strategic Planning process and the Project Management office, coordinating the implementation of strategic initiatives.

Before joining Hultafors Group, Jens worked as Director of Business Development for Investment AB Latour, the holding company of Hultafors Group. Prior to that, he worked for the welding and cutting solutions provider ESAB in different roles related to e.g. marketing, pricing, strategic projects etc. Jens’ previous experiences include various roles within management consulting.

Jens has a M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Chalmers University of Technology and a B. Sc. in Business Administration from School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University.


Torbjörn Eriksson

Chief Commercial Officer, CCO

As CCO, Torbjörn is commercially responsible, which means looking after the central commercial resources such as marketing, business processes, business development, E-commerce and digitalization.

Torbjörn also heads up the Hultafors Group Market Operations, including the Sales companies in 14 countries and the International Sales (Export and International Direct Accounts).

Torbjörn has a background in the IT and industrial sectors, where he has worked in various management roles in companies like Cisco Systems, B&B TOOLS, Statoil Lubricants and Monier Roofing.


Mårten Larsson

Chief Information Officer, CIO

As the CIO for Hultafors Group, Mårten has the overall responsibility for IT within the Group. Mårten has worked for the Group since 1994, and originally comes from the Snickers Workwear brand.

During his time with Hultafors Group, Mårten has held different positions and roles, starting on the financial side and he also worked in the USA for a period. Mårten has worked with IT for the last 10 years.


Anna Sand

Director HR & Communications

In her role, Anna focuses on how to support growth and change through our developing organization, people and teams as well as establishing efficient HR support for managers.

Anna has a broad experience from working with HR in fast growing companies. She has a M.Sc. in Human Resources from the University of Gothenburg.


Camilla Monefeldt Kirstein


Camilla has been the Business Unit Director since 2013, and is responsible for the brands Snickers Workwear, EripioWear and Puvab.

Before joining Hultafors Group, Camilla held different management positions at Oriflame Cosmetics AB, SAS Group, K-World and also worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. 

Camilla has a M. Sc. in Industrial Economics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU), and a M. Sc. In Operational Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


Linda Andrén

Chief Operational Excellence & Sustainability

Linda is responsible for Business Unit Tools & Ladders, and also heads up the Hultafors Group CSR work.

The Business Unit responsibility includes product development, manufacturing, sourcing, warehouses and ownership of the brand platform. The CSR work includes the Hultafors Group quality and environmental work, as well as our Lean work.

Linda has a background in venture capital, start-ups, and different roles within the University. She has a M. Sc. in Civil Engineering and a Licentiate of Engineering in Technology Management, both from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg


Andreas Westling


Andreas’ main responsibility is to support the Sales Organisation with state-of-the-art products within the Business Unit. He is also the General Manager for the legal entity of Tradeport.

Andreas is the former owner and co-founder of Tradeport, with the brands Solid Gear, Toe Guard and Dunderdon since 2004. Before that, he worked as Client Executive Manager for Pharma Sector at IBM for 4 years. Andreas has also worked as a consultant for Mercuri International.


Joakim Ohlander

Director Business Unit Head Protection

Before joining Hultafors Group, Joakim was the co-owner and MD of Hellberg Safety for 8 years.

Prior to that, Joakim has worked internationally within the PPE and medical business in various management roles within the EU, Asia, Africa, Latin and North America.

Joakim has an Engineering degree and a Master degree in Law.


Johan Hult


As Director of Innovation for Hultafors Group, Johan has the responsibility for innovation on a Group level. Johan is the former owner and Co-founder of Tradeport, with the brands Solid Gear, Toe Guard and Dunderdon.

Prior to that, Johan worked internationally in business development. Johan has a B.Sc. in International Business and Management from San Jose State University, US, and has also studied Finance and Administration at Lundwig-Maximillians in Munich, Germany.

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