On this page we only list the common Group initiatives and actions we take to further our sustainability goals. The numerous Business Unit-specific initiatives and actions are listed on the individual brands' websites, which you can access through the Our Brands section.

Action: 100% Renewable Energy

We only use electricity from 100% renewable sources at our production sites in Sweden, Latvia and the UK.

Action: Re-using corrugated cardboard

We have a project where we pack Snickers Workwear garment directly into Snickers Workwear corrugated boxes. When arriving at our central warehouse, the boxes are re-used and packed again for further transport to our dealers around the world.

Travel and Transport

We make continuous efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Product transport and internal travel are the areas with large impact and potential for improvement.

When transporting our products, we strive to optimise freight planning throughout the value chain.

In our daily work, we use a state-of-the-art virtual meeting system, enabling us to meet from any location, without always having to travel. At the time of the pandemic disruption, we were already adjusted to working and meeting remotely.

Action: Travelling by Train

To reduce the environmental footprint for business travels, we encourage our staff to use the most environmentally friendly choice of travel mode, travelling by train whenever possible.

Action: 5% Fewer Chemicals

We work proactively to reduce chemicals used in our and our suppliers’ production, according to the substitution principle . All our self-owned plants are targeted to reduce their use of chemicals by five percent a year.